Normann Copenhagen – SILO Pouf

The Silo pouf takes its name from its simple cylindrical shape, which forms a strict contrast to the vibrant upholstery. Luxurious, woven textiles from the Italian manufacturer Imatex give the poufs a stroke of elegance that is held neatly in place by the simple geometric silhouette.
The poufs are available in three sizes, Ø50, Ø70 and Ø90 cm, that can be combined in 3 colour directions: Muted black/brown shades, a palette of blue hues and a warm mixture of warm confetti colors.
Silo has a soft but firm surface so besides being a seater, it can also act as a stand-in for a coffee table.
Materials : Plywood, PU Foam and Textile
Dimensions :
H: 46 x Ø: 50 cm – Small
H: 43 x Ø: 70 cm – Meduim
H: 39 x Ø: 90 cm – Large
Colour : Earth Confetti / Bolgheri 7
Other colours available upon request
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