SATELISE Pendant Lamp

Brand: Forestier Paris

Created by French designer Elise Fouin, the SATELISE pendant light displays a light silhouette and a design that evokes the trajectory of an object in orbit around a star. The light filtering through the multiple rattan threads provides beautiful lighting, with a play on shadows. Entirely made of twisted rattan threads, the pendant light is available in different colours and dimensions and produces a strong visual impact, alone or in composition.

Pendant lamp Satelise S, M & L

Dimensions : (S) H : 20 / W : 50 / D : 50cm
(M) H : 30 / W : 65 / D : 65cm
(L) H : 40 / W : 105 / D : 105cm
Finish : Round rattan pendant lamp fitted with a textile cord.
Colour : Colours available upon request

Availability : 8 to 10 weeks depending on stock availability

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