Normann Copenhagen – BIT Stool

Brand: Normann Copenhagen

The Bit stool proves it is possible to give waste a second life to create a new object that is beautiful, useful and durable. This plastic material presents irregular speckled patterns that give it a mineral aspect, reminiscent of terrazzo or granite. Each Bit stool is unique, their colour and patterns varying slightly from piece to piece. Highly sculptural, the monolithic shape of the Bit stool is inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture. Bit is multifunctional: stool, small side table, bedside table or pedestal to highlight a flower arrangement or lamp.

Designer: Simon Legald
100% Low Density Polyethylene Industrial Waste
Care & Cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth
Dimension: H: 42 x Ø: 36 cm
Colour: Blue & Black / White

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