Ingo Maurer – LUCELLINO

Brand: Ingo Maurer

“Lucellino” is Maurer’s tribute to the common lightbulb, which he believes is the perfect meeting of industry and poetry.

No matter how conceptual, Maurer’s lamps are witty and delicate. In Lucellino, a fusion of two Italian words, luce (light) and uccelino (little bird) the bulb has grown wings and become a celestial being. The lamp is made of a low-voltage halogen bulb to which is attached a pair of delicate, hand-crafted goose-feather wings. It can be dimmed to be used as a bedside table lamp, or brightened and placed on a desk. 

Lucellino exists in two versions. One with a Touch Tronic transformer-sensor-dimmer (lit by touch) and one without a transformer.