DCW – GRAS Lighting Collection

Brand: DCW Editions

Adopted by Le Corbusier or Henri Matisse, the Gras lamp designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras is a collection of cult lighting, sought after by collectors around the world.

Robust and stable, it offers mobile and efficient lighting thanks to a high-precision mechanism. Its perfectly functionalist allure and strictly formal design give the lamp an impression of aesthetic neutrality. This is timeless design that has not stopped defying time.

 The OUTDOOR SEASIDE collection is specially designed for the outdoors. Made of 316 stainless steel, the wall lights are resistant to the harshest of climates: from the mountains to the seaside. A landmark in the night, the Lampe Gras Outdoor collection is made up of timeless models of outdoor lighting.

 The Lampe GRAS is astonishing by its ergonomics and the simplicity of its mechanics – no screws, no welding – which gives it foolproof robustness. A Bakelite ball inserted into the support forms a ball joint allowing movement in all directions of the arm. The shade is adjustable.


Wall lamp 213 Indoor with classic conic shade

Material : Steel
Dimensions : Arm min 1070 mm, max 1460 mm / Rod 200 mm
Shade Round CL : 14 X 14cm
Shade Conic CL : 21 x 15cm
Colour :  Black


Wall Lamp 217XL With Round Shade XL

Material: Steel
Dimensions: Wall bar height: H 108 cm / Bent height: H 16 cm – Length arm: max. L 76 cm (unfolded) / min. L 34 cm (folded) – Arm 1: L 34 cm / Arm 2: L 41 cm / Short arm (connecting rod): L 20 cm – Shade: Ø 14 x H 17.5 cm
Colour: Black







Wall Lamp 222 With Round Shade

Material: Steel
Dimensions: Long arm: L 38.8 cm / Short arm: L 20 cm – Shade: Ø 14 x H 17.5 cm
Colour: Black/Copper


Floor Lamp 411 with Round Shade

Material: Steel/Fabric Electric Wire
Dimensions: Double elbow : 36 – 72 cm | Rod : 20 cm | Bar : 105 + 16 cm
Colour: Black/Copper







Lamp Gras No 304 Bathroom

Material: Steel, celoron, borosilicate glass, galvanized steel, silicone seals
Dimensions:Arm : 15cm | Cast diameter : 9,5cm

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