Ishkar – DASHT-E-MARGO Kilim Rug

Brand: Ishkar ( Indoor )

The Dasht-e Margo Kilim is spun from raw wool and has been finely handwoven in the city of Mazar in Afghanistan, combining contemporary design with age-old techniques.

Material: 100% Raw wool
140 x 200 cm ( IN STOCK )
200 x 275 cm ( IN STOCK )
250 x 350 cm ( IN STOCK )
Care instructions for the kilims

  • Vacuum rugs lightly
  • Avoid direct and prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Do not treat with stain products
  • If a stain occurs, act quickly to prevent it from drying. For persistent stains, clean the rug professionally. Professional dry-cleaning is always the best option for stubborn or dried stains
  • Air kilims outside in the sun twice a year to keep them fresh
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