Forestier Paris – CYMBAL Lighting Collection

Brand: Forestier Paris

An elegant collection of ceiling, floor and table lamps designed by Jette Scheib and made from dual-material fabric, available in vibrant colour combinations. The upper part of the lampshade is covered with soft velvet and the bottom part is made of woven cotton. The outline of the lampshade is highlighted by a black fabric braid that emphasizes the shade’s geometric shapes and reveals its volume. The top of the lampshade and the foot/base join are embellished with natural oak pieces. The palette of colours gives this lamp a unique personality. Cymbal brings a chic, warm feel to your space.





      CYMBAL Table Lamp                                                                                                          

      Material: Velvet / Metal & Oak
      Dimension: H: 48 cm; W: 35 cm
      Colours: Natural



CYMBAL Floor Lamp

Material: Velvet / Metal & Oak
Dimension: H: 150 cm; D: 70 cm
Colours: Evergreen






      CYMBAL Pendant Lamp M                                                          

      Material: Velvet / Metal & Oak
      Dimension: H: 27 cm : D: 70 cm
      Colours: Evergreen                                             

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