CAPAS Rug Collection

Brand: Nanimarquina

The Capas collection focuses on the creation and use of layers of colours, tonality and shadow to generate depth, while also being easy enough to blend into any environment, due to the presence of a wide range of chromatic shades.
Designer Mathias Hahn’s starting point for the Capas collection is his notion of shadows being never black or grey, but full of colour and geometry. After months of investigation, nanimarquina and Hahn developed a new type of loose Kilim structure which allows mixing the colours of the warp and weft. Normally, warp is not visible in a Kilim. By defining a different density of warp, new tonalities surfaced, providing a visual texture where colours intertwine with each other along the carpet. The unique texture creates a dark-and-light effect as well as depth of perspective. Like the layers of air in the atmosphere that reflect light and cast shadow.
Colour is a pivotal element of the Capas collection. Each rug has a main colour, a complementing tone and its darker gradient which in the composition gives the illusion of a cast shadow on the floor. Different sizes and colors available on request.
CAPAS 5 is actually available in stock at EKLA – Dimensions 170cm x 240cm

In stock

Shade Outdoor (In Stock)
Dimensions : 200 x 300 cm – Thickness: 0.7 cm
Finish : 100% polyethylene
Colour :
Palette 1

Other colours available upon request
Palette 2

Palette 3

Palette 4

Availability : 8 to 10 weeks depending on stock availability


Rug Capas (In Stock)



Dimensions : 172 x 240 cm – Thickness: 4 mm
Finish : 100% Afghan spun and woven by hand, Kilim type
Colour :

Capas 5

Other colours available upon request

Capas 1

Capas 3

Availability : 8 to 10 weeks depending on stock availability

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