The Art of Craft

Craftsmanship is an essential and inherent aspect of the eco design approach.

The art of designers and editors is characterized by the ability to bring modernity and innovative techniques to all areas of design, be it indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, textiles, ceramics, the art of hand-blown glass.

Our partner brands offer a rigorous selection of products that fully adhere to this creative spirit, that is and has been the driving force behind Ekla’s selections ever since its creation.

The M’Afrique collection by Moroso celebrates woven craftsmanship and vibrant colour for furniture collections produced in Senegal.

As for Nanimarquina their stunning hand-woven rugs bridge ancestral techniques and modernity with collaborations by designers from all over the world.

Secto Design and Forestier lighting brands shine in the craftsmanship of their lamps in noble and natural materials.

Normann Copenhagen and Magis are driven by their thirst for quality and innovation, upcycling materials for unique sustainable finishes.

Closer to us are Daniel de Robillard, Noon Edition + Gravel & Dust editions who design beautiful collections of furniture and objects produced in Mauritius to the highest standards.

At Serge Mouille, the original lighting pieces from the 1950s are reproduced with the greatest respect for quality and special manufacturing methods, making them collectible pieces today.

Crystalline vases by Milan Pekar beautifully represent the delicate craftsmanship of ceramics, as do the poetic objects of Laurence Brabant in hand-blown glass. Similarly Brokis editions epitomize the craft of hand-blown glass in contemporary lighting design.