Eco Design - EKLA’s Commitment

Since its creation in 2015, EKLA has positioned and differentiated itself through a selection of furniture, lighting and objects from designers and editors all over the world who respond to the principles of innovative, contemporary design and sustainable and responsible manufacturing.

This is an orientation that is closely in-line with the advent of a crucial movement: Eco Design

Eco Design is the valorisation of people, their know-how, their choice of materials and respectful production and distribution methods.

Eco Design seeks to find innovative solutions and production techniques with an essential aim of reducing waste, ensuring durability and limiting the carbon footprint on new design,

Our partner brands, Normann Copenhagen, Moroso, Nanimaquina and others are sound examples of this approach.

For them, material is a source of inspiration, whether of natural origin or derived from such sources as linen, labeled wood, textile fibres, to recycled plastics collected in oceans and on beaches…

Another objective is to create durable and timeless objects, that can be passed on to future generations.

Merging innovation and sophisticated craft processes, designers like Laurence Brabant, Milan Pekar, and editors like Forestier, Secto Design, New Works, are committed to combining modernity and know-how in fields ranging from the art of hand-blown glass, to unique ceramics and lighting design.

Eco design
Eco design