Since its creation in 2015, EKLA has been determined, positioned and differentiated, by a bias of a selection of objects responding to principles of innovative design and reasoned and responsible manufacturing.

An orientation that is firmly in line with the trend of this new movement: Eco Design.

Eco Design is the highlighting of the human being, of his know-how, it is the choice of natural materials and respectful production methods.

Eco Design strives to seek innovative production techniques with the essential aim of reducing the ecological footprint of creations.

As part of this approach, our emblematic brands, such as Norman Copenhagen, Moroso, Nanimarquina… are perfect examples.

For them, the material is the main source of inspiration, whether it is of natural origin or quite simply invented from linen, labeled wood, textile fibers or recycled plastics, often collected in the oceans or on the beaches. .

Another objective is to create durable and timeless objects that can be passed on to our future generations.

Always, the desired result is based on innovative production processes, technically sophisticated, sometimes the fruit of long research but knowing how to associate the veracity of the craftsman and his dexterity. Designers like Laurence Brabant, Milan Pekar… and publishing houses like Forestier… are committed to combining know-how and modernity, in the fields of mouth-blown glass, ceramics or furniture.

Each piece worked by hand then becomes unique and bears the imprint of the craftsman who guarantees compliance with the designer’s instructions.

Eco design
Eco design